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ERP Software Development

In this technical world, people prefer system work than manual work. We provide fully customized ERP software, which are cost effective and best business operational functionality. ERP Software is not only for large company, even small industries who enlarge their business.

Grow your business with our ERP software, which contains CRM, Leads, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, HR, HRMS modules.

ERP software development

ERP Modules


To Track your opportunities and boost your sales

CRM Software is a business management tool, which helps you to manage your customers. Our proposed CRM software offers a business enterprise the capability to create, assign and manage requests of the customers.

You can track all your customer’s data, sales order and invoice details in all the time and also can view customer-based report, due payments report when you needed. Sit in your home and manage all your customers by our cloud ERP software without lose any of your clients.

CRM Development
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Opportunities and lead Management
  • Customer service Management
  • Analysis report
  • 24x7 Support
  • Marketing
    • Research
    • Create Opportunities
  • Sales
    • Engage
    • Sale Order
    • invoice
  • Analysis Report

Purchase & Inventory

An efficient and robust Purchasing module is key for all distributors. Our ERP software tracks who you buy from, what you buy from them, the cost items are purchased for, and how long it will take get to you.

Purchase Request

Purchase is one of the major part of any Manufacturing Industry. You can place purchase request to your higher authorities and if they qpprove you can place purchase quotation to the specific vendor.

Purchase Order

Once validate quote by vendor side, you can place an order to receive products. Generate report based on suppliers,


Inventory is nothing but your stock. You can receive products from your supplier and store it into your stock. You can have multiple warehouses in your company. Also you can process internal transfer within your company.


Our ERP is a fully integrated, full-featured, industrial-strength suite of ERP software applications designed to meet the needs of small and medium-size manufacturers of electronics and electronics related products.

Bill of Material

Bill of Material refers a list of items, required to produce an another item. It defines product structure. Produced item can be composed of one or more items which might be purchased, assembled or changed in some way to create a new item.

Production Order

Production order contains

  • Manufacturing product details
  • List of materials which is used to manufacutre the parent product
  • Produced quantities and due date of product.

Material Requirements

Once validate material which is used to manufacture the parent product is extract from bill of material


Accounting module is used to automate all accounting functionalities. You can handle both vendor bills and customer invoices. Also can create custom taxes and set it as your default tax. Generate report based on year need your business start date, where you can set your fiscal year

Our accounting software is easy to use and manage your business more effectively. You can generate up to date reports if needed.


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